100 towns and cities
Something is happening across 100 towns and cities. Actually there are a lot more places, but 100 is a nice round number. And that’s the number of places where a church or groups of churches are using the trypraying initiative (locations).Our little cottage industry has been creaking at the seams as orders for materials have been coming in each day from the far north of Scotland to the S. W. of England. It’s not all points in between, of course, but it seems we have hit a stratum of relevance and interest that God has given. Quite typical was the phone call yesterday saying seven churches in Motherwell have decided to get involved.
What is it that churches are doing?
It takes 5 minutes on two or three successive Sundays. One Sunday everyone gets a copy of trypraying to ‘use it’ themselves. The next Sunday they are encouraged to ‘lose it’ by giving it away to someone they meet and finally bringing it together to hear what has been happening with a ‘news it’ process. The whole point is to help those outside church discover the outrageous kindness of God through a relationship with Christ.
Not everyone reading this is a church leader but to aid communication and motivation for churches here are some ideas…
1. Stories
Try telling a few stories of what has happened. The best ones are your own! But here are a few…
Internet request. “I am going through a difficult time at the moment I have never been religious but do believe that there is an afterlife. Since my dad’s death I have felt the need to search for something and make sense of things. I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of your booklet – so I can give it a try.”
Neighbor. “One of my colleagues gave a trypraying booklet to a neighbour who felt the need to start praying. A while later she said she’d spoken to him again. He was very excited about it, telling her she didn’t know how much he owed her, and that it had changed his life.”
Back on track. “I bumped into an ex-colleague who explained that life was difficult for him. I asked if he had tried praying to God. His reply was he didn’t know how to any more. I replied, ‘I have the very booklet for you, called trypraying.’ A few weeks later he said he had found the booklet very helpful and that he had recommitted his life to Christ and that his life was getting back on track.”
Work colleague. “A person had given the trypraying booklet to a friend/work colleague who had been experiencing difficulties in life. She wept when the booklet was given to her.”
These, and other stories, can be read out in a church service as a piece semi-spontaneous drama with different people reading each one.
there’s a lot more here…
2. Start a conversation
Losing it is really a matter of looking for a God-given moment in a conversation with someone. If we pray for opportunities and are ready to take them then they will come. So at the beginning of the lose it week we are encouraged to simply pray for the Holy Spirit to use us.
Jesus really does change lives, so it’s a mystery why talking about him is so hard. But what if we just started a conversation and listened? As we listen there may well be an opportunity to ask a question that leads somewhere. ‘Have you ever tried praying?’ is a good one. And you can follow it with a simple encouragement by saying your church is using this trypraying booklet. The one-liner you can use when giving the booklet to someone who is interested is simply, “Try praying for a week and see what happens in your life.”
But it all begins with us starting a conversation. Try it, and see where you get to…
3. News-it.
‘News-it’ is the process of hearing some of the stories of what has happened. Over the last few years there have been some astounding stories that have come back to us. We would be grateful if you can tell us any story you hear about. We also need some good ways to draw stories in. Any ideas? Email us at
4. Always, always…

…always carry a booklet with you. You never know when you might need it. Make sure there are enough booklets for the whole church to use.
The good news is you can get booklets at half price by clicking here: join in
You can make it a whole church activity with youth and childrens booklets.
There are now car stickers and banners for hanging outside churches which help to put the invitation into the public space.
And, the inevitable has happened, (yes, you guessed it) T shirts.
All these are available from the order page once you join in.
Church not involved?
Did your church decide not to be involved or just forget? If the latter, it’s not too late and the simplicity of it all means that everyone gets to pray and share their faith. (The amazing provison of £21000 for bus ads in Edinburgh means there is an impressive witnessing opportunity being put on the plate of every Christian.)
Paul encourages us to make the most of every opportunity (Col 4:5,6.) It would be good to make the most of this one and at the very least not to fluff it when someone asks what it’s all about!
You can still join in by clicking this: it’s not too late

Work on a trypraying App is going ahead costing approximately £13000 for the Android and a further £7000 to do one for the Apple platform. This is a lot of money for our small outfit but £6000 has been given so far. Want to help? We also need regular giving to help pay for our regular costs. Please click on the link, or go to our website Thanks.
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