Trailblazers is Liberton Northfield’s Sunday School which runs along side the Sunday morning service.  Trailblazers is run by a team of volunteers who are all part of Liberton Northfield’s congregation and have a heart for building a relationship between the children and God.  All the team have a passion for the children of the congregation with the support and prayers from the congregation and minister.  

There are three groups to cater to different age groups and their needs. 

Sparklers, our preschool group, love stories, songs, craft and playtime. 

All Stars our P1-P4 group enjoy Bible story, craft, games and songs. 

Explorers our P5-High School is a Bible study group, looking more in depth into Scripture and our Christian faith.

Our Trailblazer family love spending time together. In addition to Sunday Trailblazers we have events throughout the year like Spring games and crafts, Hallelujah party and Christmas events where we get time to have some fun.

Trailblazers are always ready to welcome new members to our family.