Another Spring Cleaning Surprise

The first surprise was the Liberton Northfield Parish Church 1869 – 1969, Service of Thanksgiving in the March newsletter, well it’s not that I’m busy cleaning all the time but hiding at the bottom of my bedroom unit drawer for almost exactly 46 years was my copy of the Liberton Northfield Church Youth Fellowship Summer Syllabus, May to September 1969. The Youth Fellowship was a church organisation of teenagers (minimum age was 15) and young adults, I think the maximum age was mid-twenties. The catchment was mainly boys and girls from the Guides, Girls Guildry and Boys Brigade plus their friends. There was a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, along with a four-person committee.

In the syllabus the first Sunday of the month was always a visit to Southfield Hospital where we would sing a few old favourite hymns for the patients in 3 or 4 wards. Hikes in the Pentland Hills were always popular; the 25th May was a day hike from West Linton to Balerno. The 6th September was a midnight hike; two volunteers would setup a base camp comprising two tents if you were lucky and the hikers would set off around 10.30pm and navigate to the campsite by torch, map and stars. If the weather was good, you’d sleep out under the stars, looking forward to a hearty fried breakfast – great fun.
Day trips in the syllabus included:

8th June: Visit to Stirling Castle

22nd June: Day at the seaside – Silverknowes

29th June: Ten-pin Bowling at the Alma Bowl in Kirkcaldy – a train journey. This was the nearest ten-pin bowling hall to Edinburgh in 1969!!

13th July: Visit to a Fire Station (Lauriston Place) – the Vice-President was a Fireman.

26/27th July was a week-end away to Gean House, Alloa. Gean House was owned by the Scottish Temperance Alliance and used as a conference and study centre.

It must have been easy to get tickets for the Tattoo as we were there on Saturday 23rd August.

Quizzes, social nights with other Youth Fellowships, sausage sizzles and film nights were also popular events in the syllabus. We had a ‘night-in’ when Apollo 11 was about to land on the Moon, much more exciting.

Here’s a photo of some members circa 1968 in our church hall located in Walter Scott Avenue, now St. Gregory’s RC Church.  There is one member of our congregation today in this photo.

Church Group 1968

The Youth Fellowship spawned lots of romances as it was a great meeting place, I can think of at least six marriages including Marion and I – it’s got a lot to answer for!

Ian Messer



During April, the Trailblazers have been learning about Easter, and how Jesus met with the disciples after He had risen. They are currently learning about King Solomon building a temple for God From 1 Kings chapters 5-13. Later in May, the Trailblazers will be learning some of the things Jesus said about himself in John chapters 14-16.

There will be a Trailblazer leaders meeting after the service on Sunday 10th May to make plans for the summer picnic and summer trailblazers. All Trailblazer leaders and helpers are welcome to attend this short meeting in the Sparklers room.

Advance notice of dates for the diary: The Trailblazers summer outing is being planned for Saturday 13th June. There will be an “end of school year” family service on Sunday 21st June.


1st April: Social Day – an opportunity for fellowship with each other.
15th April: AGM and Bring & Buy
29th April: Half-day Trip
The Guild half-day trip will be leaving the church at 1pm, going to Rosslyn Chapel, having a cup of tea if desired, before beginning the tour of the chapel at 3pm. At the finish of the tour,we will be going on to the Leadburn Inn for high tea at 4.30pm. There are still a few seats left if anyone would like to come. If so, you should speak to Evelyn Eadie.
The cost of the trip is £26 per person

Training for leaders and helpers in-volved in children’s work

We are planning a training morning for all the leaders and helpers in-volved in the children’s work at Liberton Northfield. It will be held in the church hall on *Saturday 9th May, from 9:30am to 1:45pm and will include lunch.* We are aiming to make the event fairly practical, and tailored to our needs, including topics such as “storytelling for children” and “food handling awareness”. If you are able to attend then please sign your name on the registration sheet on the notice board in the Friendship Hall, or email Margaret Padfield ( so that we can get an idea of the numbers for catering.


During March, the Trailblazers have been learning about some of the parables Jesus told. For the Sparklers, this included “the two house builders”, “hidden treasure”, “a beautiful pearl” and “yeast”. The All Stars and Explorers groups learnt about the parables of “the two house builders”, “the bridesmaids”, “talents” and “sheep and goats”. During April, the Trailblazers will be focussing on the Easter story, and then moving on to learn about King Solomon. Following the service on Easter Sunday (5th April), the children will be rolling Easter eggs down the hill in the church garden. Please deco-rate and bring a hard boiled egg if you would like to take part (althouh the trailblazer leaders will have a few spare eggs available). Advance notice of dates for the diary: The Trailblazers summer outing is being planned for Saturday 13th June. There will be an “end of school year” family service on Sunday 21st June.

Church Hall Polling Station

As you probably know, there is a General Election on Thursday 7th May. Our church hall is being used as a polling station and we are looking for volunteers on Election Day to be on duty. The duties are in two-hour timeslots between 6.30am and 10.30pm and there is a sheet pinned on the church noticeboard in the Hall of Friendship just wait-ing to be populated with names. Your help representing our church on Election Day is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Ian Messer.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a 12 step Christ Centred Recovery programme which aims to encourage people to address their hurts, hang ups and habits – depression, low self esteem, anger, co-dependency, addictions.  ….

WE meet in the Hub – Gilmerton church, Ravenscroft Street (opposite the post office) every Thursday, 52 weeks a year with some adjustment for Christmas


The teaching evenings always have the same format – doors open at 7 for welcome and a cup of tea or coffee, the session begins at 7.30. It’s a 25 week cycle – people can come along any week, they do not have to begin at the beginning!  Every session begins going through the 8 principles of Celebrate Recovery (see website or facebook) and focussing on the steps which embrace that principle, followed by a short teaching session.  Then there is a short break after which the women go in to one group and the men another for a time of ‘open-sharing’.  This is not a place for ‘fixing’.  The programme encourages folk to work on or look towards writing up in some form a personal inventory which they can work on with an accountability partner or sponsor.  Admittedly not many have reached this stage, but it is what we are hoping for so we can really begin to address our hurts, hang ups and habits.  From my own experience, I would judge it to be a safe, supportive, un pressured, non judgemental environment.    People drop in and out of CR.  We have had as many as 35 attending – many more on testimony nights.  But there is a regular core of 15-20. No formal referral is necessary – any one can walk through the door.


The last Thursday of every month we start with a shared meal at 7 followed by someone sharing the story of their journey to recovery.  In May 2015 we are planning to offer food every Thursday.


Recently we started a new project in partnership with Teen Challenge. This is at  the High Rises at Moredum/Little France with the Teen Challenge converted prison van and we will be there as a ‘drop in’ – folk can just drop in to the van for a cup of tea and a chat.  Watch this space!  Who knows the next step for some might be to come along to check out CR.  Or they might want to come along to the community lunch that takes place in the Tron Church, run by Grow Stronger/Transition Edinburgh south on a Tuesday 11.30 to 2.30.


Date for you Diaries Thursday 26 March May Nicolson from Govan author of  Miracles from Mayhem


Recurring Diary

Sunday Service starts 11am every Sunday with Children’s groups commencing after a short period in the main service.  Tea and coffee is served in the Friendship hall after the service.

Bible study on Monday mornings take place at Rebecca Akhigbe house from 10.30-12.30.

Mums and Tots runs during term time in the Falconer Hall from 2pm till 3:30pm every Monday

* Wednesday sees bible study at 7:30pm.

New Life Tots is held every Friday in the Falconer Hall, 9.30 – 11.30am and is organised by Jan.

‘Prayers in the Church’ is held:

Wednesdays: 10.30 – 11.30am
Saturdays: 10.00 – 11.00am
Sundays: start at 10.30am




During January, the Trailblazers have been learning about people who met Jesus from Luke chapters 5 to 10. This included the healing of the man who couldn’t walk, the woman who washed Jesus’ feet, and Mary and Martha.

During February, the Trailblazers will be learning about King David from 2 Samuel chapters 5 to 12.

There will be a Trailblazers leaders meeting on Tuesday 10th February at 7:30pm at the home of Jan and Billy Grubb. All Trailblazer leaders and helpers are wellcome.


Goodbye and Farewell

Goodbye and Farewell


With the appointment of Rev Jim Dewar as the new Interim Moderator, my time with you at Liberton Northfield has come to a close. Sadly, I wasn’t able to convey these wishes to you in person, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to pass them on through the new Church magazine. Some of you are aware of the personal circumstances behind my decision to pass the reins to someone else, and so we would be grateful for your continued prayers as we face what 2015 has to bring.


The last fifteen months or so have seen a considerable amount of work behind the scenes with the Kirk Session and Nominating Committee, and I would like to thank these groups in particular for help given in order to fulfil the duties of Interim Moderator. Alistair, as Session Clerk, has kept me abreast of activities and helped guide me through the different situations that we have faced together. The NC has been worthy of the trust that you placed in it to seek a new Minister and its members have served diligently, with Jeff as an efficient Clerk.  It has also been a pleasure to work with Amos as Locum. The disappointment of not being able to appoint someone has been mitigated by the knowledge that you were being served by someone with gifts and experience.


Now it is time to say Goodbye and Farewell – using both of these parting greetings in their original sense! May God be with you in these coming days and may you know his blessing as a congregation. I hope in the ongoing search for someone to lead your congregational life that you will fare well, and that I will be able to come and share in your celebration at the induction of a new Minister before too long.





Celebrate Recovery in South East Edinburgh

To mark the second anniversary of Celebrate Recovery in South East Edinburgh and to relaunch the programme Steph McLeod is coming to the Hub, Ravenscroft Street, Gilmerton to sing and share his story this coming Thursday 15th January.  Doors open at 7.  There will be a shared meal.  If you yourself or someone you know is struggling with hurts, habits or hang ups, do come along and bring your friends and find out more about Celebrate Recovery.  For more info contact Shona Haggie 664 4352.

Thank You

Jean MacIntyre would like to thank all who helped praise the Lord in the Family Service 21st December.
Any who wish to sing in the group, please see me.