Rev Dr Jared Hay, Interim Moderator. 22nd March

Rev Dr Jared Hay, Interim Moderator.


Good morning everyone! It’s good to be back with you here in Liberton Northfield.


Annual Meeting

Just a reminder that today at the end of the morning service we will hold the Annual Meeting of the Congregation at which we will hear a report about our financial affairs and an update on the vacancy situation. We will also try to answer any questions you may have about these and other things. Please join us if you can.


Amos and his family

I’m taking the opportunity of Amos being at Priestfield to let you know about his present situation. This week his wife, Florence, and their children have been at the British Consulate to go through the processes required to obtain visas in order to join Amos in the UK during the course of his studies. The cost of visas, together with the flights, is very substantial and someone suggested that the churches known to Amos might work together to help him raise the money required. It is hoped that we can find some way of helping them both now and after they arrive. If we can, then when arrangements have been made these will be made known as widely as possible among the local churches so that we can offer our support. I’m sure that whatever way in which you might contribute to that support would be appreciated.