The 1990’s under the ministry of BillThompson saw a focus on prayer, especially for the local schools, which at that point denied access to chaplaincy teams.  Encouraged by Bill Thompson, the local ministers joined regularly to pray for the south-east of Edinburgh, and in support of each other.  This link has strengthened over the years and continues to the current time.

Following the retirement of Bill Thompson in 1999, John McPake took over as minister in 2000.  By then permission for providing chaplaincy services had been gained within the schools in the area.  During the period from 2000 to date there has been encouraging work with very young children and their families, and joint outreach activity with other churches in the south-east of Edinburgh.  We continue to be blessed by having individuals and families from many different nations and cultures as part of the congregation.

In September 2015, Mike Taylor was inducted to the charge of Liberton Northfield. Mike is a South African and was ordained in the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa. For three years prior to immigrating to Scotland, Mike served as the Academic Programmes Manager of Theological Education by Extension College, providing academic and managerial oversight for six programmes, including a Bachelor of Theology Degree and two Diploma programmes.

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