In 1843 there were two churches in the Liberton Parish, Liberton Kirk and Gilmerton Church. The ministers of both of these churches joined the newly formed Free Church in May 1843 it was the Free Church of Gilmerton who raised the money to build a local church and Sunday school at the junction of what is now known as Ellen’s Glen Road and Ellen’s Glen Loan. The new building was opened in 1844 and named the Free Church of Liberton and Gilmerton. By 1868 the congregation outgrew this building and a new church was built at the junction of Gilmerton Road and Claverhouse Drive, called Liberton Free Church and now known as Liberton Northfield Parish Church.

In 1900 the Free Church voted by a very large majority to join with the United Presbyterian Church to form the United Free Church, and the church at Northfield became a United Free Church. A pipe organ was installed in 1903 and electric light installed at the manse built in 1870 (now Northfield House Hotel) in 1925, with electric light into the church in 1926.

Following a meeting of the United Free Church in 1929, a large majority voted to join with the Church of Scotland and the church became Northfield Church of Scotland.

The 1990’s under the ministry of Bill Thompson saw a focus on prayer, especially for the local schools, which at that point denied access to chaplaincy teams.  Encouraged by Bill Thompson, the local ministers joined regularly to pray for the south-east of Edinburgh, and in support of each other.  This link has strengthened over the years and continues to the current time.

Following the retirement of Bill Thompson in 1999, John McPake took over as minister in 2000.  By then permission for providing chaplaincy services had been gained within the schools in the area.  During the period from 2000 to date there has been encouraging work with children and their families, and joint outreach activity with other churches in the south-east of Edinburgh.  We continue to be blessed by having individuals and families from many different nations and cultures as part of the congregation.

The charge of Liberton Northfield has been vacant since September 2018.

June 2019 marked 150 years since the foundation stone of the current church building was laid. A Thanksgiving Service led by the Moderator of the General Assembly, the Right Reverend Colin Sinclair, was held on Sunday 16th June, and the Order of Service outlined the history of ministry at Liberton Northfield.

Below is a selection of websites which detail some history on Liberton Northfield, the information contained in these sites is not confirmed.