Children’s Group Updates


*During May, the Trailblazers have been learning about some of the things
Jesus taught us in John chapters 14 to 16. While all age groups have been
considering the same verses, they have done so in slightly different ways.
For the All Stars group, these chapters were considered under the headings
“true path”, “true growth” and “true guide”.*

*During June, the Trailblazers will be considering the life of the early
church in Acts chapters 13 to 16.*

*Advance notice of dates for the diary: There will be an “end of school
year” family service on Sunday 21st June. The next meeting of Trailblazer
leaders and helpers has been scheduled for Tuesday 22nd September at 7:30.*

*We would welcome any new additions to the team of leaders and helpers
working with the Trailblazers. If this is something that you could get
involved in then please contact Margaret Padfield or Rona Lawson for an
informal chat about what this involves.*

*Trailblazers summer event*

*A “crafts and sports” afternoon is being organised for the Trailblazers on
Saturday 13th June. It will take place in the Liberton Northfield church
hall from 3:30 to 5:30pm and all of the children will be very welcome.*

*Training for leaders and helpers involved in children’s work*

*A training morning for all the leaders and helpers involved in the
children’s work at Liberton Northfield was held on Saturday 9th May. There
was a good turnout, with 15 people attending, and we took time to consider
a diverse range of topics. Amos opened the day with a Bible reading and
message to focus our attention on why the children’s work is so important.
Jenny Fepuleai gave us some new ideas on ways to tell Bible stories to
children, and encouraged us in a practical exercise. Ann MacLeod from St
Paul’s church in Glasgow then gave us a presentation on food handling – and
we all did well in the quiz at the end, although we do have a couple of
practical suggestions to follow up on. After coffee, Helen Palmer led us in
considering the purpose of crafts in our sessions with the children, and
gave us the opportunity to make some for ourselves. Angus Morrison (who
leads the Scripture Union holiday club we run in October) came through from
Glasgow to give us some points to consider on the way we interact with the
children. On a practical note, Jeff Hodgson talked us through the Liberton
Northfield fire policy, and then we all learned a new song from Fischy
music – “Sing a new song” – which we have since sung with the children
during the Sunday morning service. The morning was rounded off with an
excellent lunch prepared by Rebecca and we all headed home happy but with
lots to think about. Several of the presentations were accompanied by
handouts – please contact Margaret Padfield if you would like a copy of