Eco Congregations Scotland

Liberton Northfield is registered with Eco Congregation Scotland, a network over 500 churches from different denominations.

Christian concern for the environment has become increasingly important in recent years. In part this is a response to the realisation of the detrimental impact that human activity is having on the environment, in part, because of the growing interest in green or eco-theology.

Both the Bible and Christian tradition have some vital and profound insights into care of what the world terms the ‘environment’ but which the Church understands as God’s creation. Approaching environmental issues through Christian ‘lenses’ offers valuable ethical and spiritual dimensions that may contribute to environmental work both within and outside the church. It is also an approach filled with hope.

Without minimising the gravity, scale or urgency of environmental issues, the starting point for caring for the Earth for Christians is as a proper response to a loving, creating God. Caring for creation is a key Christian task.

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Green Group News for July/August 2021

Eco Congregations Scotland continues to host seminars and meetings on a range of issues at least every month. You can sign up for more information about these and other activities and events at the ECS website. In July events include Embracing Greener Travel and a Love Food – Hate Waste Workshop.

ECS are supporting local Networks to meet in coming weeks, bringing volunteers from all eco-congregations together online in every region of Scotland. You can register for the Zoom links to join in the Edinburgh events at

We can all do something to help stop climate change. You are probably doing a few things already by recycling domestic waste, using public transport when possible and reducing the amount of single-use plastic you use.

As Christians there is something we do regularly that is vital for the churches’ work in caring for God’s creation – prayer!

The Glasgow Network will host an online prayer meeting on the first Thursday of each month from July-November. Register here for a time of encouragement and learning.

Planting Flower Tubs at Walter Scott Avenue
by Leslie Adams

Several months ago, noticing that the black flower tubs outside the shops at Walter Scott Avenue, were looking neglected and full of weeds, local resident Kay Haggarty got in touch with the City of Edinburgh Council to find out if something could be done. The Council were happy for the flower tubs to be tidied up and replanted with flowers and plants. The Council agreed to provide the flowers and plants, but Kay would have to provide the workforce.

As Walter Scott Avenue shops are in our parish, Kay approached Attie for help from the Church and he in turn asked for volunteers to clear the weeds and plant the new blooms. Locals from The Inch were also asked to help.       

Thus, over several weeks in MAY/JUNE the weeding and planting took place. As we could not all meet up on the same day, the planting took place over the course of a week.  Several of the local shops and takeaways very kindly supplied us with water for the watering cans when needed for the plants.

Go and have a look!