Why Didn’t We Have This Conversation A Year Ago?

Do you ever find yourself saying, “Why Didn’t We Have This Conversation A Year Ago”?
Or maybe you can’t bring yourself to have the conversation and the relationship slips away.

If you say “Yes” to any of the following questions, maybe this event is for you.
• Have you got someone you find it difficult to talk to?
• Do you worry about offending people and avoid raising important matters?
• Have you ever felt hurt or angry and unable to say so?
• Is there a difficult family situation which needs talking about?
• Or a neighbour you haven’t spoken to for years?

We all experience strained relationships from time to time, so we invite you to join us on Saturday 27th May for breakfast and some coaching from John Sturrock about having better conversations in those difficult situations.

John spends his professional life helping people deal with tough conflicts and unresolved disputes. He will lead us through this workshop with plenty of practical, real-life tips- and a few stories too.

Date: 27 May
Time: 9-11am
Place: Liberton Northfield Church, 280 Gilmerton Road, EH16 5UR
Cost: recommended donation of £5, but don’t let that stop you coming along.
RSVP in the comments, or email libnorthpc@gmail.com