What happens when we place £10 in the offering plate on Sunday?  

I thought the content in a Church of Scotland information leaflet titled ‘What happens when we place £10 in the offering plate on Sunday?’ would be of interest, as follows:

It provides a powerful ministry, locally, nationally and globally:
£4.20 is kept by the local church
£5.00 pays for our Ministers and
£0.80  goes to important help for congregations and supports the mission of the Church.

Let’s look at this in more detail:
> About £4.20 is kept by the local church for all sorts of costs including maintaining the building, mission, worship and supporting church groups.
> About £5.00 goes to the Parish Ministries Fund. This ensures we have ministries in every part of the country.
> About 80p supports congregations with services such as Safeguarding, Law Department, General Trustees, and Stewardship and Finance. Some of this money also ensures the mission of the Church is strengthen through the work of Councils.

7p Mission Discipleship

4p Church and Society

6p Social Care (CrossReach)

11p World Mission

40p Support and Services to your church (legal advice, accounting, safeguarding)

5p General Assembly and Moderator

7p Special Contributions

Some interesting facts:

In 2015, the cost of a Minister at the top of the stipend scale is £41,048.

If your Ministries and Mission contribution is £47,730 or more, you are meeting your costs in full.

If is less than £47,730 you are receiving financial support from other congregations. (Liberton Northfield Church receives financial support.)

In 2015, the Church of Scotland will spend £110 million.

Congregations will contribute £47 million of this.

Ian Messer