Vacancy Update

The congregation of Liberton Northfield became vacant on the Induction of the Rev. Mike Taylor to his new charge on 22nd September 2018. Liberton Northfield has therefore been referred to the Deployment of Resources Committee, which next meets on 23rd October, and is responsible for reviewing vacancies in light of the Presbytery Plan before deciding whether to give permission to call a new minister.
It is very important, during this time of vacancy, for the congregation to share in this journey together. We can do this by praying regularly for our congregation and for the progress of the vacancy procedure.
In our system, the Presbytery will meet and communicate with the Kirk Session. The Kirk Session can and will undertake to share information about the vacancy process with the congregation when this information becomes available. Please do understand there will not be new information to share each week, sometimes there will be a month or so between meetings and receiving new information.