Sunday 4th November – Theme: God makes animal and people
Sunday 11th November – Theme: God with us
Sunday 18th November – Theme: Look for the star
Sunday 25th November – Theme: Good news for Mary

Hallelujah Party
Trailblazer had a great Autumn Hallelujah Party on Saturday 27th with
lots of leaf and pumpkin games and crafts. Thank you to all the
Trailblazer leaders and helpers who make the party possible.

Trailblazer Library Corner
Trailblazers are welcome to borrow books from the library, we just ask
that you fill in the borrow book with the details.

Dates for the diary:
Christmas Film Afternoon – For everyone from P1 to high school,
Saturday 8th December 4.30-6.30pm
Nativity Service – For all Trailblazers
Sunday 16th December, Morning service
God Bless all the Trailblazer Leaders/Helpers