Welcome back after our unusually hot summer. We hope you have had an amazing time and are settling back into School/Nursery well.
Thank you to all who attended and helped plan our Back to School Service it was a lovely relaxing afternoon and enjoyed by all.
Sunday 2nd Sep – Theme: Barnabas
Sunday 9th Sep – Theme: Apollos
Sunday 16th Sep – Theme: Timothy
Sunday 23rd Sep – Family Harvest Thanksgiving service (No Trailblazers)
Sunday 30th Sep – Theme: Praise the Lord
Trailblazer Groups We have had to condense our previous four groups into three with the reduced number of children attending the older groups. Note the changes below
Sparklers – Preschool
All Stars – P1 to P4 (Children who have just gone into P1 will move up after the October break)
Older Group – P5 to High School
Sparklers Due to a lack of volunteers Sparklers will not be able to run one Sunday a month. Sunday 9th Sep there will no Sparklers, the Sparklers room will be open, a copy of the story and worksheets will be left on the table if parents would like to take their own children through them.
Trailblazer Library Corner Children now have their own space in the main church building. The Trailblazer Library Corner is for the children to use before and after the service under their parent’s supervision. Trailblazer leaders take the time before the service to set up for the group times. If your child is using the Trailblazer Library Corner, it is all parent’s responsibility to help keep this area tidy. After the service the Children are welcome to use the Trailblazer Library Corner but as the church is also used for prayer could we ask that parents keep it as a quiet space.
Children without parents in the church If you do not plan to stay in the church building during the service, we will now need you to sign for your child at drop off and pick up. Please bring your child into the main church building where a leader will provide the sheet for you to sign. Children should not be dropped off before 10.50 and will need to be picked up by 12.10 every Sunday. No child should be left on their own in the Falconer Hall.
The Pioneers and Explorers had 2 lovely sessions potting at Helen and Jeff’s house over the summer. They have made some amazing creations from clay. Thanks to Helen and Jeff for hosting this.
Thank you for all your support and cooperation.
God Bless all the Trailblazer Leaders/Helpers