During March, the Trailblazers have been learning about some of the parables Jesus told. For the Sparklers, this included “the two house builders”, “hidden treasure”, “a beautiful pearl” and “yeast”. The All Stars and Explorers groups learnt about the parables of “the two house builders”, “the bridesmaids”, “talents” and “sheep and goats”. During April, the Trailblazers will be focussing on the Easter story, and then moving on to learn about King Solomon. Following the service on Easter Sunday (5th April), the children will be rolling Easter eggs down the hill in the church garden. Please deco-rate and bring a hard boiled egg if you would like to take part (althouh the trailblazer leaders will have a few spare eggs available). Advance notice of dates for the diary: The Trailblazers summer outing is being planned for Saturday 13th June. There will be an “end of school year” family service on Sunday 21st June.