Trailblazer Training

As some of you may already be aware/met, Yvonne McCorkindale supports those who work with children, young people and families within the Presbytery of Edinburgh.  Various workshops, events and training are ran throughout the year, across Edinburgh, for all those individuals who are involved with children’s ministry.

After enquiring about one of the workshops which Yvonne runs, we thought that it would be extremely beneficial for all Trailblazer leaders and helpers, to attend the following workshop on:



TIME:  19:00hrs – 21:30hrs



During the workshop we will be exploring:

How important are they with the children we interact with? How do we value children? In what ways do we value them?

What are we using? Is it good? Am I bored with it? Are the children bored with it? What are other folk using? What else is ‘out there’?

What do we need to make us as good as we can be? What do we bring personally to our work with children?

What is working, what isn’t What do I need to change or add or completely get rid of.

This will be an interactive workshop where we will be invited [but not pressurised] to share with each other, ideas, suggestions and resources and get us thinking.

There will also be hand-outs and resources on display that can be borrowed


HOW TO SIGN UP:  Please put your name on the Trailblazer Training poster, which can be found in the friendship hall by Sunday 31st August 2014.  This will enable Yvonne to finalise the numbers and work out groups.

If you have any questions about whether you should attend this course or would like to discuss anything further, then please speak to:  Carlynn Young, who would be happy to speak to you.


Fully endorsed and supported by Liberton Northfield’s Kirk Session.