Forian – to go, to journey; to set out

In October 2015 I was ‘set apart’ as a Reader in the Church of Scotland. During my training I was involved in ministry in several churches where I gained a broad range of experience leading services, organising worship, running Bible studies, visiting schools and doing pastoral care.  Readers are usually attached to a charge, working regularly with one congregation but they can also engage in chaplaincy work or act as a locum during vacancies.

Earlier this year I approached Fiona Mathison, the chair of the Ministry Committee for Edinburgh Presbytery, to seek her advice as to how I could consolidate and build on the experience I had gained during my training. She suggested one option was to be attached to a church for a period of time. She approached the Reverend Dr Karen Campbell, the Minister at Marchmont/St Giles, and she agreed to take me for ten hours a week for four months. Since I started in May I have been involved in the Sunday morning services, the Thursday Mother and Toddler group, pastoral visiting, leading the Bible study and taking services at St Raphaels’ Care Home. I’ve also provided Pulpit Supply at St Michael’s Slateford and Carrick Knowe Parish Church. The experience has given me the opportunity to see how different churches approach things, especially the Sunday morning service. Karen Campbell has been very encouraging, and I appreciate all the advice and support she has given me as I seek the Lord’s will as to what my next step should be.

Kate Jackson