Flower Ministry

Every week flowers brighten up our church because we have a flower ministry. Some people new to our church and also not so new may not know how it operates. Briefly here is how it works, there’s a Flower List in the Hall of Friendship (that’s the name for the area between the sanctuary and the church hall), simply write your name beside the date on which you want to donate the church flowers. Most people donate church flowers to commemorate dates special to them, such as a birthday, anniversary or the passing of a loved one. Typical donations are around £20 and the money should be given to Evelyn Eadie, usually on the Sunday before the date in question or on the particular Sunday. Evelyn purchases and expertly arranges the flowers in the church. After the service, you’ll see several ladies arrange the flowers into bundles. These flowers are then distributed to people, mainly within our parish but this is not a prerequisite, who are ill, house-bound or just in need of encouragement. There’s also a ‘flower box’ for donations, located in the middle of the rear pew.
Thanks for continuing to support this very important ministry.