During March, the Trailblazers have been learning about some of the parables Jesus told. For the Sparklers, this included “the two house builders”, “hidden treasure”, “a beautiful pearl” and “yeast”. The All Stars and Explorers groups learnt about the parables of “the two house builders”, “the bridesmaids”, “talents” and “sheep and goats”. During April, the Trailblazers will be focussing on the Easter story, and then moving on to learn about King Solomon. Following the service on Easter Sunday (5th April), the children will be rolling Easter eggs down the hill in the church garden. Please deco-rate and bring a hard boiled egg if you would like to take part (althouh the trailblazer leaders will have a few spare eggs available). Advance notice of dates for the diary: The Trailblazers summer outing is being planned for Saturday 13th June. There will be an “end of school year” family service on Sunday 21st June.

Goodbye and Farewell

Goodbye and Farewell


With the appointment of Rev Jim Dewar as the new Interim Moderator, my time with you at Liberton Northfield has come to a close. Sadly, I wasn’t able to convey these wishes to you in person, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to pass them on through the new Church magazine. Some of you are aware of the personal circumstances behind my decision to pass the reins to someone else, and so we would be grateful for your continued prayers as we face what 2015 has to bring.


The last fifteen months or so have seen a considerable amount of work behind the scenes with the Kirk Session and Nominating Committee, and I would like to thank these groups in particular for help given in order to fulfil the duties of Interim Moderator. Alistair, as Session Clerk, has kept me abreast of activities and helped guide me through the different situations that we have faced together. The NC has been worthy of the trust that you placed in it to seek a new Minister and its members have served diligently, with Jeff as an efficient Clerk.  It has also been a pleasure to work with Amos as Locum. The disappointment of not being able to appoint someone has been mitigated by the knowledge that you were being served by someone with gifts and experience.


Now it is time to say Goodbye and Farewell – using both of these parting greetings in their original sense! May God be with you in these coming days and may you know his blessing as a congregation. I hope in the ongoing search for someone to lead your congregational life that you will fare well, and that I will be able to come and share in your celebration at the induction of a new Minister before too long.






Guild Coffee Morning
Thank You from the Guild
Our thanks to all who supported the Guild Coffee Morning on 8th November, when we raised a total of £412! Well done everyone – a great result!
Christmas Meal
The Guild Christmas meal has been organised for 17th December at Swanston Golf Club. The cost per person is £24. The coach will leave the church at 2.30pm for the meal at 3pm. It is anticipated that we would be home be-tween 5pm – 6pm. The coach is a 24 seater and we already have a total of 22 names but, if others would like to come along, a larger coach can be or-ganised.
Annual Business Meeting
The Annual Business Meeting will be held on 10th December.

Bang-on & Jeff’s wedding

Bang-on & Jeff’s wedding was in Agape church, Cannelton Indiana. It was a very blessed day. Jeff’s family and the church have welcomed Bang-on with open arms and hearts. They are happy Jeff has found in Bang-on what he has been praying for in a wife and that Bang-on has found in Jeff what she had been asking God for in a husband.
Please continue to keep them in your prayers as there is still a long process for them to go through to get the final visas required for Bang-on to stay in America.

Monthly Newsletter

At last we have got here, our monthly newsletter has materialised with the great support of the Elders and group leaders. The communications team hope you find this new format both informative and relevant to the needs of todays Church congregation.
We appreciate one month is a long time and you cannot always submit that last minute event or notice. Please be assured these will be covered during intimations on a Sunday, via the website or the most valuable of all…word of mouth.
I would encourage you to visit our clean, easy to use and up to date web-site for all the latest notices and events.
Januarys newsletter will be closed for submissions on Monday 29th Decem-ber. So please consider anything you feel may be missing, not enough off or you would like to share. Send these to:

Pizza Party

Raising money for young people to go to Young Life (YL) Camp 2015. It’s on Monday 24th November, 5 – 8pm, at Liberton Kirk Halls, £6 per person and there are special family offers as well.

The Guild’s annual Coffee Morning

The Guild’s annual Coffee Morning takes place on Saturday, 8th November, between 10am to 12 noon.  Everyone is invited to come along and see what we have in store for you.  There will be the usual stalls with books, bric-a-brac, CDs and much more, plus there will be the most wonderful selection of scrumptious home baking, the likes of which you will not have seen for a long time!!  Come along, bring a friend, and enjoy fellowship and tea/coffee with mouth- watering delicacies!!  Tickets £2.00 each.


Should you have any items which you would like to donate to the above, we would be delighted to receive them.  They can be handed in to the church hall on Friday, 7th November 2014, between 2pm and 4pm.  Thank you.

Tea and Coffees

Volunteers are required to help with teas’ and coffee’s  on the 30th of November and 28th of December they would be working with Sheila Corrigan. If interested speak to Sheila or Jan.

Guild meeting Wednesday 29th October

Jennifer Merrilees has very kindly accepted the Guild’s invitation to be the guest speaker on Wednesday, 29th October, at 2pm to give a talk
about the Torch Association. We are all very much looking forward to learning more about the work the Torch Association does. All are welcome
and – bring a friend!