Mums and Tots

Mums and Tots: Meet on Mondays  2.00pm-3.30pm till the end of June. We take a break for summer and start again mid August.

Big Idea evening service

Big Idea evening service on the 11/6 at Liberton Northfield which was advertised previously is now cancelled.  This will now take place on the 13/6/2014 as all night prayers from 8.00pm – 8.00 am the following day.

Give as you Live – Bethany Christian Trust

Online shopping that raises money for Bethany – and it costs you nothing!

In the UK last year, shoppers spent £15bn on online shopping. Did you know that Bethany can benefit from all that online spending?


Give as you Livean online shopping website that raises money for Bethany when you buy items online – and it costs you absolutely nothing.


About Give as you Live:

  • It’s the easiest online charity shopping scheme we’ve come across.
  • You can use it every time you shop online and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  • Simply visit the Give as you Live web page on your home computer, click “get started” and follow the simple instructions. There’s even a helpful video to show you what to do.
  • Give as you Live logo will be installed on your internet menu bar and every time you shop online with a partner retailer (including all major online stores such as Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, B&Q, Tesco etc), theGive as you Live logo will flash to remind you to click it so that any money you spend online will help raise funds for Bethany.
  • One click and a percentage of the purchase price of the goods you buy will go directly to Bethany to help homeless people.


Rev Dr Jared Hay Update 25/5/14

from Rev Dr Jared Hay, Interim Moderator.


Update from Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee has been going about its business quietly and diligently in the background, but we want to bring you up to date with our progress.


Following the advertising of the vacancy, we had quite a number of inquiries, some of which resulted in applications being received. However, after interview, while the applicants had many strong attributes, the NC decided not to pursue the matter further, with one applicant withdrawing.


In that this is a mutual process of exploring the suitability of applicants for LN, it has worked well, but without a positive result as yet. However, there is still an inquiry that we are not yet in a position to follow up fully, and if it does not lead us to the appropriate person we will re-advertise in due course.


One or two of the NC have indicated that they have been asked questions about their work. Please resist the temptation to ask. We will be going about our work as expected and when we have something to tell you we will tell the whole Church to keep everyone informed. Keep us all in your prayers, and continue to ask for God to touch someone with a real sense of call to serve him here.


The Chewachong family

It’s a great joy to be with you today for the Presentation of Arielle-Amora Amosons. This is a pre-baptismal ritual within the culture of the Church in Cameroon, and we are delighted to share it with Amos and Florence and the children today, presenting their little daughter before God for his blessing. Remember them all in your prayers as they adapt to having a larger family within a different culture.



Celebrate Recovery in the Hub

At Celebrate Recovery in the Hub Ravenscroft Street on Thursday 29th May, 7 for 7.30 pm,  Emily Ackerman is coming to share the amazing story of her journey to healing and wholeness, of how God kept her and her family through 2 decades of illness and touched her and restored her to health last year.  (Meal at 7.30pm).  Contact Shona Haggie (664 4352) for further details.

KLM’s Celebration Sunday

Please come along celebrate the Church’s birthday on Pentecost Sunday 8th June 2-4pm  at KLM’s Celebration Sunday on the KLM Land, Gracemount Avenue.  There will be Light and Life and fun and games and music and free ice-cream

Sunday Children’s Group Outing

It is this Sunday.  The plan is to travel to Vogrie sharp after the service for lunch followed by Games at around 2pm onwards.


Remember your £1 for a parking token.  When you drive through the barrier head right to the overflow we will set up there.


Bring your sun glasses and umbrella.



The Redeemed Christian Church of God

The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Every Friday evening The Redeemed Christian Church of God have a Bible study in our church hall. They have cordially invited members of our congregation with love to their 1st Year Anniversary Celebration on Friday June 6th for a praise and testimony night, 7pm-10pm.